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    @Kara Leinweber @karaleiny instagram profile

    Kara Leinweber(@karaleiny)

    Team 4 & all the fun @therelayyeg 🙌 YEG run communities, you have my heart & I can’t wait to connect with y’all again real soon. I am planning on bringing this event to YYC so stay tuned #runyeg #trailcrewleader #runcommunity #lululemon #community #practicingme #lululemonyeg #skratchthesummit #thesweatlifeyyc #iamthelewistonultra #lululemonyyc #breathitallin #morethanmiles #ambassadorlove #runyyc #gratitude

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    • 21/01/2018
    @Ryan Conrad @ryanpconrad instagram profile

    Ryan Conrad(@ryanpconrad)

    55 days to go | long run vibes #trainjanda #shamrockon

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    • 20/01/2018
    @Danielle Murray @daniellemurrayyoga instagram profile

    Danielle Murray(@daniellemurrayyoga)

    • About last night.... Wow, I feel pretty damn grateful to be surrounded by such strong women. @physioplouffe thank you for having me as your date to @champsboxingyeg opening. What an honour to spend the evening with so many women and men I admire. @drfarha077 and @melbatoast15 it has been such an inspiration to watch you work together and support one another in the implementation of the JM Method. The Champ herself, 8x WORLD CHAMPION @jelenaboxing it is truly a profound honour to share in this moment with you and your team. The @yegfitness community is so blessed that you have built this space for people of all abilities to come together and test their limits, thank you for sharing your passion with us all. If you haven’t been yet head down and check out a class!

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    • 20/01/2018
    @SUP Yoga Hong Kong @supyogahk instagram profile

    SUP Yoga Hong Kong(@supyogahk)

    Repost from @refinedtravellers - Hong Kong's oceans need us! Spread the word and get 2 tickets to the Ocean Summit Event for free! Mark your calendars for next Monday 22nd January at the Kai Tak Runway Park and come attend a groundbreaking summit bringing incredible speakers together to find ways to solve the crisis of plastics in our oceans. If you'd like to come, please repost this to your followers and whoever gets the most likes will receive 2 tickets to the Ocean Summit event for free. For more information about the event click in the Bio! To contact Refinedtravellers: #supyogahk #official #hongkongyogis #oceansummit #partner #hongkong #volvooceanrace #outdooryogis #standuppaddleyoga #ambassadorlove #oceanlove #refinedtravellers

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    • 20/01/2018
    @Jay Nixon @jaynixon.thrivefitness instagram profile

    Jay Nixon(@jaynixon.thrivefitness)

    Such a great reminder of our strength and power. not more than you can handle. It's just more than you this next time things get tough, and you start to think - "I this quote to control your state and bring clarity to the situation. deep and attack the situation with the mindset of - "I CAN."

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    • 20/01/2018
    @Gracie 🎀 @pastelpinkcandy instagram profile

    Gracie 🎀(@pastelpinkcandy)

    I love this shirt 👕 . . . If you like this too, visit @strangeshirts and see the website in their bio! . . . Don’t forget to use UNICORN15 in the checkout for 15% off! #strange #strangeambassadors #brandambassador #ambassador #ambassadorofchange #ambassadorlove #ambassadorsearch

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    • 20/01/2018
    @Heather McCann @hlmccann instagram profile

    Heather McCann(@hlmccann)

    It is never too late to transform. To fulfill your potential, to answer the call of the epic. ✨When the door opens, push fear aside and walk through. I am humbled, honored, undeserving and so freaking pumped to represent this community. Thank you, my dear friends and family, for joining this celebration. My love runs deep and i am OVERWHELMED with gratitude 🙏 I will never repay the gift of health and happiness that this community has given to me but I will continue to try Every. Single. Day. @lululemon @ride54studio @mccann7272 📷: @elliekoleen #gratitude #lululemonambassador #morethanmiles #ambassadorlove #lululemonfresno #thesweatlife #valleysweatlife

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    • 20/01/2018
    @ANDREW OBRECHT @andrew_obrecht instagram profile

    ANDREW OBRECHT(@andrew_obrecht)

    Friday Night, with these lights! ✨

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    • 20/01/2018
    @Molly Freeholder @apitcherofmolly instagram profile

    Molly Freeholder(@apitcherofmolly)

    "The more you feed your mind with positive thoughts, the more you can attract great things into you life." #fre #playbig #ambassadorlove

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    • 20/01/2018
    @Tina Carlton @tcesta22 instagram profile

    Tina Carlton(@tcesta22)

    I can’t tell you how amazing it’s been to be a lululemon Ambassador. I can’t believe I only have a few months left 🙀. If there is one thing I know, it’s that lulu is not just an amazing clothing store but an amazing brand and culture. What they bring to each city is so much more than a pair of leggings. I’m so blessed to be part of it. Go visit First Colony if you’re ever in Sugar Land, Texas. Best store ever! #creators #lululemon #collective #fitness #lululemonfirstcolony #sweatsesh #thankful #visionaries #notjustclothing #community #lemonheads #dopestcrew #spin #sweat #motivators #ambassador #ambassadorlove

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    • 20/01/2018
    @Barry Clark @barryclarrk instagram profile

    Barry Clark(@barryclarrk)

    most days these days. 📸: @nickdavisphoto for @lululemon #fuelhappiness #ambassadorlove

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    • 19/01/2018
    @lululemon Honolulu @lululemonhnl instagram profile

    lululemon Honolulu(@lululemonhnl)

    Backbends and Banán — join us tomorrow at 8am for a complimentary gentle yoga flow led by ambassador, @lauramarylinsley with $5 @bananbowls to follow. Located in front of their Waikiki beach shack. See you there. #ambassadorlove

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    • 19/01/2018
    @Hannah Foust @hannahfoust instagram profile

    Hannah Foust(@hannahfoust)

    ❤️ this race and the @avlmarathon @(get_repost) ・・・ Happy Friday!!! Today’s is @hannahfoust Hannah is one of our awesome Asheville Marathon Ambassadors!!! This is Hannah last spring at the finish line of Day 2 of the Yep that’s 39.3 miles and she is still jumping for running joy!!! We love Hannah’s enthusiasm and are so glad she is a part of our team!!! Join us in March and if you want challenge yourself with either the or the only a few days remain in the New Year Promotion!! #featurefriday #runavl #backyardtobackyardchallenge #registertoday #backyardtovineyardchallenge #challengerace #destinationrace #ambassadorlove #repost #runnc #ashevillemarathonambassador #ambassadorsrock

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    • 19/01/2018
    @Queenie Phair @queeniephair instagram profile

    Queenie Phair(@queeniephair)

    Backbends finally felt good for a while, and then I couldn’t practice it because of certain imbalances in my body, it was painful to bend back, and it should never be painful. So right now, it feels like I’m back to square one. I hate it, nothing feels good, there’s no pain, but my body doesn’t like opening this way 🙈 but I know I need to do more, and I need to balance all the front core and forward folding poses that I do with heart openers. But why does it have to be such a struggle? 😫 everyone always has the most beautiful backbends here, is there anyone who feels the way I do???? #wheelpose #urdhvadhanurasana #yogastruggles #the6ix #yogini #backbend #lululemon #yogalove #phairyoga #yogateacher #growingpains #lululemonambassador #yogastrong #queeniephairyoga #thestruggleisreal #canadianyogi #torontoyoga #turnyourweaknessintostrength #torontoyogi #yogaasana #yogainstructor #ambassadorlove #yogafit

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    • 19/01/2018
    @Tauni Doster @leanpoweryoga instagram profile

    Tauni Doster(@leanpoweryoga)

    I'm so happy for this amazing women! 🙌🏼❤️ @- blissyouryoga is now open in North Liberty and is a really beautiful yoga studio. You should check it out! - Thanks @sharapower for an amazing class! I'm snagging your curl-in during high plank and elbow hover in prayer twist #yogalove #supportlocal #blissyouryoga

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    • 19/01/2018