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    We’re family! Come on by and check out our outstanding Purple Chocolope. It’s a Sativa-dominant cross between Chocolate Thai and Cannalope Haze #caliinamsterdam #amsterdamcoffeeshop #indica #netherlands #amsterdam #amsterdamcoffeeshops #weed #moonrocks #hashish #amsterfam #haze #sativa #coffeeshopblackstar #centraalstation #thejordaan

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    • 23/04/2018
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    Blowing 4:20 🇳🇱💨 Amsterdam vibes to the gang out in the UK 🇬🇧 @stonedislanduk 💯🇬🇧Certi Gang✨🤘🏽 👉🏽👉🏽👉🏽 Shout out to @slapworld 💥🇬🇧 (they make my @damcaligirl 🌈✨ stickers and they make stickers for @stonedislanduk 🤘🏽🇬🇧 ) @slapworld 🔥 #710 #cannabiscommunity #damlife #hightimes #damlifegang #420nchill #highlife #highgradelove #kronic #certi #weshouldsmoke #stonedislanduk #slapworld #amsterdamweed #amsterdamcoffeeshop #ukstonerchick #amsterdam #voyagersamsterdam #stonerchick #bardigang #ganggang #cannabis #420 #damcaligirl #710nchill #gang #schmoney

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    • 23/04/2018
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    In the Netherlands, cultivation of cannabis plants is a criminal offence at the time of writing. However, the government officially condones the sale of cannabis from ‘coffee shops’ under strict conoditions. Coffee shops are estimated to account for >70% of cannabis sales in the Netherlands. Since 2000, the Trimbos Institute has conducted anonymous test purchases from a random selection of these coffee shops (50 outlets each year plus reserves) to monitor changes in potency. Purchases were conducted in January each year to control for seasonal variation, and immediately sent for analysis (maximum storage time 3 weeks at ambient temperature). δ-9-Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), cannabidiol (CBD) and cannabinol (CBN) concentrations were extracted using capillary gas chromatography with flame ionisation detection. All analyses took place at DeltaLab (the Netherlands) using standardised, internally audited and externally cross-validated methods. Further details are provided elsewhere. Four different cannabis products were purchased from each retail outlet as part of the standardised protocol. Therefore, the number of samples collected for each type did not necessarily reflect their overall prevalence at retail outlets. For this reason, we did not combine data across all cannabis types, as the number of samples for each type could have biased our estimates of national cannabis potency. However, randomised sampling across successive years provided a reliable measure of change within individual cannabis products. Therefore, in order to provide the most reliable and valid estimates of national cannabis potency, we used data from a single product, purchases of the most popular variety of domestically grown herbal cannabis (‘Nederwiet’) sold at each coffee shop. This variety of cannabis was chosen as it is by far the most commonly consumed cannabis consumed cannabis product in the Netherlands. Nederwiet is a Dutch term for high-potency, indoor grown herbal cannabis. Freeman T.P. et al. (2018), Changes in cannabis potency and first-time admissions to drug treatment: a 16-year study in the Netherlands. Psychological Medicine https://doi.org/10.1017/S0033291717003877

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    • 23/04/2018
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    Starting the week off properly! #huntersamsterdam

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    • 23/04/2018
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    kaffee talk at Bocca in Amsterdam #amsterdamcoffeeshop #lacoloniacoffee

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    • 23/04/2018