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    | l o v e i s l o v e — Domani vado in gita quindi sarò inattiva tuuuutta la giornata. — Q: gusto di gelato preferito? A: fragola (che però da piccola odiavo ahah) — hashtag: #summer1983 #armiehammer #🏳️‍🌈 #timotheechalamet #loveislove #love #lgbt #elioandoliver #callmebyyourname #italy #somewhereinnorthernitaly #lucaguadagnino

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    • 26/04/2018
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    i loved this scene so much afhhKlsjdjdkfk the flirting and the teasing ohlord

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    • 26/04/2018
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    👑Updates👑 [4/26] Timmy is the Definition of do you agree?..💖 📷 At BFI London Film Festival 10/9/17 👑EXCLUSIVE INFO 💠4/23 Timothée isn't going to be able to go to for Release on 4/27 coz of his work schedule. 💠4/15 He was invited to Coachella by a friend. It was a last minute Invitation. He’s just & out quickly. 💠4/11 Most likely he won’t be able to attend Met Gala coz of his prep schedule in Europe. Slim chance but probably not. 💠4/7 He is now working on The King in Europe for next several months. Probably won’t be in the US for HSN Promo. 💠4/1 No specific Skin Care Routine. *Exclusive Info - via Timmy's agent ⚠Managed by UnitedTalentAgency 👑RECENT ACTIVITY 💠4/25 Was seen in London w/pic 💠4/20 Liked 1 IG post. Retweet & Replied on Twitter. 💠4/18 Liked ArmieHammer's IG post 💠4/17 Followed 1 on IG 💠4/16 Liked & Comment on 2 IG post. Followed 4 on IG. Replied 3x on Twitter 💠4/14 Posted on IG. Liked 3 IG posts. Posted Pic & 2 Videos on IG Story 💠4/13 Attended Coachella, CA 💠4/12 Attended Fendi Party in Liked 2 Tweets 💠4/8 Tweeted & Replied 5x 💠4/7 Working in Liked & Comment 3 IG post. 👑MOVIE Nic Sheff Showing: Oct 12 2018 Distributor: AmazonStudios Producer: Brad Pitt Plan B Director: Felix Van Groeningen Trivia: Shot in San Francisco on May/June 2017. Loss 25lbs for the role & visited hospital several Daniel Middleton Showing: July 27 2018 Distributor: A24 DirecTV Director: Elijah Bynum Trailer: Released on 4/12 Trivia: Shot in Georgia, Aug King Henry V, England Filming: June 2018, Europe Distributor: Netflix Producer: Brad Pitt Plan B Director: David Michod Trivia: He has to gain Sequel Luca confirmed that it's a new Movie, different tone & set after 5-6 yrs, 1990. Armie & Timothée will go around the world & US East Coast. Possible Happy Ending, Aciman said. ⚠CONCERNS, DM: #timotheechalamet #fashion #ladybird #elioperlman #hotsummernights #beautifulboy #instagood #timothéechalamet #cute #film #europe #swag #london #picoftheday #armiehammer #beautiful #style #photooftheday #igers #cmbyn #love #perfection #movie #callmebyyourname #tchalamet #nyc #japan #chiamamicoltuonome #theking

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    • 26/04/2018
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    ✽ Jones al CinemaCon 2018, promuovendo il suo nuovo film " On the basis of sex". In un'intervista Felicity ha paragonato il suo personaggio Ruth Ginsburg a Rocky Balboa. Vi ricordo che oggi 26 Aprile Felicity dovrebbe ricevere il premio "CinemaCon Award of Excellence in Acting”. #new

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    • 26/04/2018