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    I should be packing & organizing everything rn . . . buuuut I’m not. 🇯🇲 @slayshlee help me?! #vacationmode

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    • 26/04/2018
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    Feeling honoured to be a part of such a diverse group of fierce young women. 🙌🏼When my now agent Joby contacted me about joining her modelling agency, I’ll admit I was sceptical and downright scared. Did I really want to re-familiarize myself with an industry that is so notoriously cutthroat? I mean let’s face it, the modelling industry has many positive sides to it but I had heard so many stories of girls who had to compromise their physical and often mental health for the advancement of their careers. But most importantly, the boundaries of what a model should be are seemingly black and white, leaving little or no room for error or individuality. Of course, there are fashion pioneers like Ashley Graham, Winnie Harlow and Joby Bach for example, but I feel there’s still a ways to go! After meeting with Joby in person, I realized she was different. Joby is genuinely not afraid to break the mould of what a model SHOULD be and works at improving her models’ self-esteem. I cannot begin to tell you how many previous rejections I had received in the industry. One day it was my arms, my legs, my hair, my eye colour, my height,…the list is never ending. But then again, I realize it’s the same with every industry, some will like you and some won’t. What I’m trying to get at is that the universe has a way of making things happen for you. To anyone who was ever told that they weren’t good enough, put those comments to the side and keep going for whatever it is you’re passionate about and for what excites you in life. One day, if you continue to believe in yourself and put in the work, your dreams will come true. ✨

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    • 26/04/2018
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    • 26/04/2018
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    Ok so i have decided for my own benefit that i would post all these pictures I HATE of my body.....YES im big......YES im flabby......YES iv loads of cellulite...... but over the last few weeks i have been watching @theashleygraham and she has totally turned my mindset around. I NO LONGER worry about what narrow minded minds think..... YES i am ready to loose the weight but on my own terms and my own time and i am going to LOVE my body however it looks #happywifehappylife #happy #anysize #anyshape #ashleygraham #lovemybody #bodypositivity #myrules #love #bodypositive #plussizemodel #plussize #body #lovemyself #happyme #positivevibes

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    • 26/04/2018
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    @chloenuelle with @get_repost ・・・ This weekend mentally took a lot out of me. Be aware of those around you and their mental state, and be there to lend a hand or be a shoulder to cry on. #effyourbeautystandards #repost #iskralawrence #mentalhealthawareness #ashleygraham #everybodyisbeautiful

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    • 26/04/2018