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    Pup IQ(@pup_iq)

    β€œMum who are the Muppets?” . Repost / Photo credit πŸ“Έ @squidthegriff . WHEN IT’S O’DARK THIRTY You need to be visible (during walkies) . VISIBLE AT 445 FEET No other collar has the same reflective technology . SAFETY FIRST Last and always (visit link in bio)

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    • 23/02/2018
    @Amanda Luterman @amandaluterman instagram profile

    Amanda Luterman(@amandaluterman)

    It's my Bella's homecoming / 8th birthday today (ok yesterday technicaly 22nd) πŸŽ‚πŸΎπŸΎ She rescued me 7 years ago now. My bestest friend, favourite roommate, and a tremendous blessing in my life. We have been through so much together. #bestdogintheworld #angeldog #dogsofinstagram #rescuedog

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    • 23/02/2018
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    On 14 Feb 2018, I brought Ceejay to another Vet for second opinion for her hind legs. All I wanted to know was how we can improve her well-being. What I did not expect was, upon seeing the Vet, she told me, β€œI’m sorry, I think there is a more serious problem here. Your dog may have lymphoma”. I broke down crying. She then proceeded to point out the areas which were the obvious symptoms. She took some tissues sample to be sent to America to confirm Ceejay condition. Yesterday, I received a call from the Vet clinic. She indeed has lymphoma. I was calm, because I know I have to be strong, and help Ceejay fight this cancer battle together. Dear Ceejay, we, your family members will stay and fight this battle with you. Please continue to stay strong like you have always been. Mama love you. ❀️ #bestdogintheworld #iloveyoumyceejay #dogstagram #dog #sgdog #sgpet #petsofinstagram #westiesofinstagram #bestdog #goanimal #westie #pet #doglovers #westielove #whiteterrier #pets #whwt #ilovedogs #westiegram #westhighlandterrier #igdogs #iflmdog #dogs #preciousdog #lovedogs #lovemydog

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    • 23/02/2018
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    Mark Darrough(@markdarrough)

    Curious Willie, our little buddy. @eebishop #bestdogintheworld

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    • 23/02/2018
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    πŸ™ƒ Unconventionally cute!(@anomalycollarclub)

    Looking forward to spending more time outdoors as it slowwwly warms up! @🌲🎣 πŸ“Έidge.pidge Collar: Gone Fishin'

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    • 23/02/2018
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    Jevin MacKenzie(@gvo_mac)

    waiting for the man ;) #bestdogintheworld #mail

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    • 23/02/2018