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    Whilst out doing my cat run, Sadly around my building, I found 4 new cats. These cats are not ear tipped and they are super friendly and very clean, which leads me to suspect they have been recently dumped 😢 I just don’t understand how someone can throw out their cat like it’s garbage. Do they not realize that once off the streets the poor little souls has lost all its natural instincts and simply will not survive. It is now my job to trap these cats, get them tnrd and put them back safely and ensure they now have a regular supply of food and water. I also need to “ train” them to use the discreet feeding spots and not beg for food or attention in the public areas, as this will end in disaster as complaints will be made and then pest control will come. So thank you to the heartless, selfish, irresponsible pathetic excuse of a human being who dumped these cats , now making them my responsibility. I will ensure they are fed, neutered and kept safe as I possibly can and endure the exasperating financial burden and stress. Think people, animals deserve more than to be tossed out with the garbage 😡 #stopanimalabuse #instacats #catsofinstagram #ilovecats #dubairescuecats #straycats #adoptdontshop #rescuecats #binkitty #savedubaistraycats #dubaicats #takeresponsibility #crazycatlady #mindfulness #felinefriends #lovecats #streetcat #tnr #binkittycollective #catsprotection

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    • 09/01/2018