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    😻We are happy to announce major progress in Marie's trust in us: she finally cuddles! This is really big cause we got her under dramatic circumstances and she was basically so scared in the beginning that she didn't look at us for 4 weeks. With Tilda as a role model, who was nursed with the bottle and is really cuddly, Marie started to trust us more over time BUT she never really lay down on top of us while we were awake. Until now! We discovered that she likes blanket caves so much that we can get her under the blankets on the couch any time 😍🎉and then she even snuggles up against our legs #catlovers #catcontent #adoptdontshop #blackandwhitecat #catsofinstagram

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    • 22/03/2018
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    I managed to snap a quick photo of Greebo as he rolled himself up in his favourite fluffy jumper of mine. I couldn’t get any better pictures because of the saga which unfolded over the following minutes... A brief tussle ensued when an incomer tried to unravel him to put the jumper in with the laundry (me); a battle erupted when a second invader tried to hide underneath the fluffy object of glory and received a well aimed series of boofs to the butt (Rincewind); finally a clatter punctuated Greebo’s death defying escape from the jaws of the monster which dared to swallow the jumper before he leaped in to save it (the laundry basket). Only his overly nonchalant saunter from the bedroom betrayed his wounded pride as he admitted defeat, quite possibly vowing in an Arnold Schwarzenegger style “I’ll be back...” #tuxedocats #laundrydrama #blackandwhitecat #greebothecat #catmischief #ineedtogetoutmore #cattales #catsofinstagram #lovecats

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    • 22/03/2018