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    swipe>>> note to all hedgie moms and dads !! this happened several months ago but i just thought i’d share it so the same thing doesn’t happen to your hedgehog ! i put pip in the bathroom for just a couple seconds by herself while i went to grab a towel for her. when i came back i didn’t see her. turns out, there was a small hole underneath the bathroom cabinet and she had crawled up it. luckily, the tools in the picture didn’t have to be used. we were able to pry off the bottom and lure her out with worms. still, it was a scary experience ! just thought i’d share this with yall! #hedgehogsofinstagram #petoftoday #petfeatures #pet_featurings #hedgehog #hedgie #feature_do2 #daily_hedgehog #dailypawprints #scppfeatures #hedgehogsofinsta #petfeaturenew

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    • 04/04/2018