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    ; ‘cause everything I’m giving to you is so true And thugs get lonely too... ♪ #thug #expressnotimpress #thuglife #tupac #love #keepgoing #art #shadowboxing #boxing #eminem

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    • 22/03/2018
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    Tomorrow I will be releasing “The Lost Cypher Verse” that was performed at the @marstenhouse last November for the @cyphercircuit I thought I had came fully prepared to rap in front of 50 some odd artists in Philly and deliver this message that I had for the hip hop. Unbeknown to me my nerves would get the best of me and I froze up! I got through maybe 16 bars the second time around but couldn’t pull it off after the first choke. At first I was frustrated with myself but soon afterwards realized this was a big lesson for me. How would I perform at the next cypher? What do I need to improve on as an artist? How can I become more confident in my performance? Soon after I saw a performance with @explicitlyricist on MTV and quickly learned that even some of the most elite rappers have a stumble. I was so inspired when I saw Beanz get her back on IG and rap her verse and soon after see that she got so many invites to do more and more promo for her brand! I’ve leaned it’s not how you start, it’s how you finish. This is why I have decide to release this verse to the public for a shot at redeeming myself as well as sharing this important message. I want to thank everyone that’s encouraged me through the process of getting back in the booth. Thanks to @quakemobb and @iamjadelotus for letting me use their instrumental as well as @eravoxstudios for the amazing recording and mix as well as @chuckbrownlyrics for the connection! If it wasn’t for guys like @ekspanhiphop and @shoeboxproper encouraging me throughout this process I’m not sure if I would’ve been motivated to record. Also got to give props to @larrogreatness and @17cvndles for being blunt about it and telling some us who have been sitting on our talent to get off our butts and get to work. Also props to all the cats who been rocking with me for awhile! This is just the beginning of things to come from Icon! I promise you that! Also thanks to @moeknowsbest and @danakadaniel for helping for and create Cypher Circuit which is what put me in contact with everyone to begin with! Here’s a small clip of the track! #music #unsignedhype #poet #macmiller #mixtape #cypher #2yearanniversarycypher #jcole #writer #beats #openmic #rap #eminem #rapper #spokenword #cyphercircuit #hiphop #artist #flow #poetry #4barfriday #murderthebeat #production #kendricklamar

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    • 22/03/2018
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    Yall ever realise we are probably never gonna marry our idols...yea I’m crying #taetae #taehyung #bts #kpop #btsarmy #eminem

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    • 22/03/2018