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    Sate Taichan Momon🍡🍢(@satetaichanmomon)

    Repost from @heyyunita @TopRankRepost Selamat atas pembukaan cabang ke 2 nya @bossfoodcourt ! 🎉 Ada Rekomendasi sate taican enak nih di daerah metro permata. Yap Sate Taican MOMON, suka banget sama sate taicannya, selain rasanya enak, bumbunya jg pas. Pilihan menunya jg banyak, ada sate udang, sate ayam, & sate cumi. 🤤 _____ Sate Taican Ayam 💰IDR 22.000 _____ 📍Boss Foodcourt - Metro permata 1 blok J8 no 10 - Metro permata 1 blok K1 no 6 Exit Tol Greenlake OPEN : 08.00 - #tastespotting #toprankrepost #kuliner #buzzfeast #yunitasfooddiary #foodshare #feedfeed #eeeeeats #follorforfollow #bossfoodcourt #makanmakan #f52grams #likeforfollow #buzzfeedfood #foodgram #sukamakan #twinsfoodies #l4l #instafood #foodsharing #starvingtime #like4like #foodblogger #foodreview #wtfoodies #food #foodgawker #foodies24hours

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    • 16/01/2018
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    Gabrielle Cathleen(@thefaultinmygenes)

    Mom, There are no words to describe the way I miss you. I’m so thankful to be able to have been next to you as you breathed your last breaths and to have known this loss was coming, but I will admit I somehow was never prepared for living without you. I’m scared to forget what your hands feel like in mine, or the lines of your frail cheeks against mine in your too small bed. Lately I am comforted by dreams of your laugh and your infectious smile and it makes me think you’re not as far as you sometimes feel. Our fight towards a cure will never end. I can’t wait until the day I can look at the sky and believe that all of this pain was worth something. Thank you for teaching me what it means to be strong because without you as my example I don’t know where I would be. I love you heart and soul, to the moon and back. 💙😇

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    • 16/01/2018
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    Nicolasitooo 🙋👑(@niqoolas_maldonado)

    Todo esfuerzo tiene su recompensa y está es la mía.. 🏍💨

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    • 16/01/2018