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    So when the opportunity comes, you’re ready. ⚡️👣 #patience #nofear #warriorwithin

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    • 24/04/2018
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    Holy split energy! Today has been one of those “days” & it’s not even 10am! I woke up & immediately knew that I was feeling off-makes sense because I went to bed feeling off. I basically speed-watched “wild wild country” yesterday & finished at 11pm feeling so off. Also, as I was walking home from a cafe yesterday I was stopped by a man who felt it was necessary and ok to tell me how “adorable” he thought it was and tried to get my number. I was so caught off guard that I said no and gave him my website instead and received a very strange email from last night complete with a video message from him. I received it in my inbox immediately after finishing the Osho documentary. I was left feeling violated, unsafe & upset with myself for letting these things happen. Why did I watch the whole film despite feeling intuitively that I should stop? Why did I give him my website even though I just wanted him to leave me alone? It reminds me of when I got hit by the car 1 month ago & "didn’t immediately react by standing up for myself. In fact, I think I apologised to the driver several times for hitting me. Like I was in his way. Just a few days away from my period I can sense an internal heat rising & instead of stepping into the power- I stepped into some old patterns of self-sabotage & criticism. Instead of spending my “goddess day” yesterday honouring the goddess within- I spent it surrounded by a lot of masculine energy & a certain sense of “betrayal”. A sense of violation. Like I had betrayed myself & my power- as a result- been violated. Well, here’s the thing. I know these thoughts to not be true. By knowing of split energy & having practiced this work for quite some time now- I know that there is more here for me. This morning, after not getting along with my husband- I proceeded to get to a particular cafe to breath & reboot. Well, split energy had other ideas. What usually is a 10 minute journey turned into a 45 minute journey complete with forgetting things and having to turn back home 2x, insane traffic, closed roads & no parking. I get the point spirit! Slow down. Go within. Be gentle. Choose kindness. Stop doing. Go & be. See what’s here for you. ✨🧡💙

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    • 24/04/2018
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    Life is about taking chances and makes choices. Not everything that comes your way may be necessary good for you. I do find challenges as lessons, however, we at times create unnecessary challenges that take us off our path. Your decisions will impact everything in your future. I say, be patient, and you will find the right time, the right place and even the right person if you are looking for a mate to create romantic love. Never settle for second best; BE FIRST CHOICE FOR YOU. #followyourintuition #loveyourselffirst #putyourselffirst #staytruetoyourself #loveistheanswer #healthychoices

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    • 24/04/2018
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    Just custom made this Labradorite sterling silver bracelet for a mother who's little ones have these initials. Labradorite is a stone of strength and unity. Awakens mental and intuitive abilities. Helps access pure potentiality and brings forth creativity. jensavino.com #followyourintuition #beauty #strengthisbeauty #healinggemstone #youareloved❤️ #labradoritestones #clarity #labradoritebracelets #yogaeverydamnday

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    • 24/04/2018
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    Good morning! 🌞 One tarot card didn't feel like enough for today, so I'm doing a 3 card draw with the Angel Tarot Cards 😇💜 Please ground yourself, then choose the card(s) you're most drawn to. The reveal will be posted later tonight 😊👼 Have a happy Tuesday! Soak up the sunshine! #followyourintuition #pickacard #psychicsofinstagram #messagesfromspirit #cardreader #medium #crystals #tarotcards #aspiringtarotreader #tuesdaycards #mediumsofinstagram #angeltarot #tarotreading #cardjunkie #tarottuesday #mandybrownmedium #psychicmedium #angelcards #psychic

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    • 24/04/2018
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    Sometimes you have to let your intuition take over and just go with it.. #rumi #followyourintuition #listen #wordsofwisdom #intuition

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    • 24/04/2018
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    What is this sun I see? ☀ I am so so SO happy that warmer weather is upon us (fingers crossed). With this transition in weather there is no better time to start thinking about the transitions in your life. . . What have you been dealing with lately? Where do you go from here? The good and the bad - there is room for it all. Consider this a reminder to create space and keep moving forward. You've got this. #adultaf

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    • 24/04/2018
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    Mum and daughter. A perfect combination to learn, love, build, connect, nurture, nourish, laugh, smile, cry, explore, and be human together. ✨✨✨ Through the ups and downs I continue to learn how to be a human, let alone be a mum, whilst raising another human being. This girl is teaching me the world. I love her fiercely and am ultimately grateful for the daily lessons I receive by being her mother. ✨✨✨ Being a mother is not for the faint hearted. It is challenging, demanding, over whelming, emotional, testing and sometimes painstakingly annoying. However, it is beautiful, loving, magical, amazing, incredible, joyful, hilarious, heart warming, and a life filled with so much love it's ridiculous. I love being a mum. ✨✨✨

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    • 24/04/2018
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    In more ancient times society was aware of the value of women being pregnant, because the next generation was welcome. . So, celebrate every moment of your motherhood. You are birthing life and there is nothing more valuable than that! . Thank you Nicole of being part of my book project “Mothers celebrating the Birth of their Daughters”. She is also a wonderful Nia #innerlight #followyourintuition #frauen #divinefeminine #pregnancyphotography #enjoyyourself #greatnessawaits #womensupportingwomen #schwangerschaft #sistersofgreatness #natureportrait #celebratemotherhood #babygirl #motherhoodinspired #miracleoflife #weiblichkeit #intuitive #motheranddaughters #innerwisdom #womensempowerment #inspirationalwomen #selbstliebe #innerguidance #loveyourselfalways #nia #pregnancyphotos #innerpower #joufulmama #embraceyourself #liebedich

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    • 24/04/2018
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    @vishen was invited to speak in London Real 🎥 he shared why the traditional education system is BS 🙈 He also explained a new model of learning that would bring back the life into the way we experience education. This year, we're bringing it to Tallinn, Estonia for a whole month. . Find out how we're reinventing modern education at Mindvalley U. Check out Mindvalley U Story Highlights 👆or visit http://mindvalley.com/u

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    • 24/04/2018