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    Quiet Saturday but tonight no way 😴 #partyboy #gaydublin #gayireland #latino

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    • 20/01/2018
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    Irish rugby player Ian Madigan gets a drastic hair makeover during the 2015 world cup. #shavedhead #bulge #gayireland #instagay #rugby #gayuk #hunk #buzzcut #beforeandafter #whiteshorts

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    • 20/01/2018
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    Alwie Hanan(@alwynyc)

    Just for today, let's take a moment from posting the photoshopped, perfectly coiffed hair, dressed-to-the nines pics. All that is great, and image is v important...but don't forget to be who you truly are. This is such a simple concept, but so many of us chase after BS and complications for years, in an effort to run away from our true essence. We try everything. I think most of us are afraid of being vulnerable and authentic, when all this fear does is that it wastes your time (I wish I had told them how I really feel, I wish I had spoken my mind) , and leaves a hole in your soul that no relationship, amount of travel or transient triviality can fix. Don't be afraid to be you, or speak your truth. If you don't, your true self will die and it'll ooze out and affect every aspect of your life.

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    • 20/01/2018
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    Another exciting addition to our Valentine's show! MISS ALICE APPARENTLY! This punk burlesque Kween will be joining the huge lineup for Mockie Ah : The Wedding on Feb 14th at The Poor Relation! TICKETS ON SALE NOW! #gaycork #clubkids #gayireland #instadrag #hausofmockieah #clubkid #drag #cabaret #mockieah #lgbt #corkcity #burlesque

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    • 20/01/2018