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    Baby Phoenix also got the full monty at the veterinarian. Haha the vet asked me what I'm going to do with all these baby suns 😆 I don't know, doc ... I don't know ... now shut up, take all my money, and stop asking me silly questions 😂😂 :: stuffs fat knot of cash in doctor's mouth :: 🙊😅 . . Phoenix's overall tests are normal. The vet said their lack of feeding response until very recently was likely due to dehydration from improper care ☹ but they are fine now and eating like the others. 😄👍 Lungs sound good, heart sounds good. Poop test and PBFD/Chlamydia tests came back clean (yay! 🎉 they can all party together now and I can stop obsessive compulsively washing my hands 🤗). The frayed tail feathers are from stress. 😕 In fact all his feathers have "stress bars" from prior neglect 😔💔 But the good news is, beautiful, healthy feathers will grow in when Phoenix molts 🙌 . . And now for the of Phoenix Feroce ⚡🔥⚡ I chose Phoenix as the first name, not only because Nixie is a fire bird, but also because of the symbolism of rising from ashes. Phoenix did not get the best start in life, but they will rise from the depths of despair and thrive 💝 And I chose the musical term "Feroce", meaning "ferocious" as the middle name because, well, Pheonix bites. Hard. Not just explorative nibbles. 😅🤗 I know the biting is coming from a place of fear and insecurity. But with time, good care, and lots of love, I know Nixie's confidence will emerge from behind his frightened veil, and the ferocious middle name will become more a sarcastic quip, as they will eventually be super sweet - of this I am certain! 💞😌💞 #conurecrazy #worldofcutepets #birdsofinstagram #birdsofig #sunconuresofinstagram #conuresofinstagram #fid #instaloveparrots #parrotlife #conurelove #ilovemybird #showcasing_pets #cutepetclub #parrotlover #sunconures #petnamestory #babybird #sunconure #eightisaflock #phoenixferoce #featheredfriends #babyparrot #ig_birds #birdslife

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    • 24/03/2018