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    Happy 1 Month Anniversary to the best boyfriend ever 💖 I know it's only one month but it's been the best month of my life! 💞 Everyone especially my family love you so much and I'm so so glad that I have you in my life 😘 Thank you so much for being in my life 💝 You have helped me through so much these last few months! ❤️You're the best person I've ever had in my life! 💛 I'm so lucky that I have you in my life 💚 My family love you too bad and I'm so lucky that they actually love someone like you and I think they're understanding about me being Gay a little bit better than before 💙 Because they're seeing a genuine person that wants to properly love me 💜You make me laugh, You make me smile, you give me confidence and most importantly you show me what true love is 💞Love You Sweetheart ! Happy 1 Month together #welshgays #irishgayboy #irishgays #laois #éire #gaydublin #irishgay #irelandgay #irishgayteen #blackandwhite #gay #gayireland #photography #gaypride #gayteen #lgbtireland #gaywales #photographer #englishgays #laoisgays #gayboy #gaylaois #irishteen #irishteenager #gayirish #instagay #gayteens

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    • 17/01/2018
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    It's her birthday!!!! I just LOVE the bones of her. I didn't even see you coming all that time ago. The friendship we share is easily one of my favourite things in this world. Happy Birthday - I look forward to so many more with you (even though, now you're 40 they're not gonna be as wild 😉😂) Below I've shared some of our favourite moments xxx ❤ . "Un prieten este cineva care te va prinde când te vei cădea, îți vei usca lacrimile și îți vei spune că va fi bine, pretinde că e fericit doar ca să te înveselească, să nu te lase singur, să te convingi cel puțin o dată pe zi Indiferent de ce, te face să râzi când ești trist, să te întorci dacă le închini pe ei, să faci tot ce faci împreună în ceva distractiv, indiferent cât de plictisitor este, mereu să-ți amintești de glumele dinăuntru, să termini propozițiile tale, Gândiți-vă la fel cum faceți, urmăriți-vă oriunde mergeți, opriți-vă să faceți ceva stupid sau vă doare și sunteți mereu dispuși să renunțați la ceva ce înseamnă mult pentru ei, deoarece ei pot fi siguri că veți fi mereu acolo În schimb, și pentru că mereu vei însemna mai mult decât îți poți imagina" . ""A friend is someone who will catch you when you fall, dry your tears and tell you it will be all right, pretend to be happy just to cheer you up, never leave you by yourself, attempt to talk to you at least once a day no matter what, make you laugh when you’re sad, call back if you hang up on them, make everything you two do together into something fun no matter how boring it is, always remind you of your inside jokes, finish your sentences, think the same way you do, follow you wherever you go, stop you from doing something stupid or hurting yourself, and they’re always willing to give up something that means a lot to them because they can be sure you’ll always be there in return, and because to them you’ll always mean more than you can #heart #life #follow4follow #gaydublin #irelandgay #fit #laugh #live #gay #lifeinphotos #gayireland #her #snapchat #romania #birthday #dublingay #quote #running #instagram #writing #getfit #gayswithink #likeforlike #fitness #gayirish #instagay #gaylad #shameless #like4like

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    • 09/01/2018