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    Jesse and Jane 💕 Follow me @iconoclasticfilm for more 🌹

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    • 26/04/2018
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    Jeez. 😘 What a gorgeous individual! ❣️ Want to getting some exposure? 💓 Msg us your most awesome shot and when we tag you, get your friends vote and comment! #photography #instagood #modelmayhem #egypt #mondaynightraw #photographer #follow4follow #exploretocreate #life #jane #hotthank #eye #modelswanted #fashionmodel #love #handbalancing #bodybuilding #nycblogger #photos #modelsofcolor #wwedivas #swag #midwestphotographer #newpost #photooftheday

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    • 26/04/2018
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    The limited edition Jane @Walker! johnniewalker #jane #keepwalking #janewalker

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    • 26/04/2018
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    HÀNG NÓNG ĐÃ VÈEEEE!! 🔥🔥🔥 Lại là NARS vỏ đen sang chảnh về nhỏ giọt đây ạ, ghét thế ko biết nữa 😭😭. Lần này là màu cam đào (thiên cam), số lượng siêu nha 😤! . Em này đánh mùa hè nhẹ nhàng siêu xinh ạ, đi làm đi học đều tươi tắn đáng yêu, thêm chút má cam là như một trái đào nhỏ nhắn xinh đẹp thơm tho rùiii 😝🍑🍑. . Chất son semi matte nhiều dưỡng không khô môi lun nha 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻. ------------------------- 🔰Bọn mình là "Wings" - chuyên mỹ phẩm Highend💎 ❌Chỉ bán duy nhất tại ngõ 61 Hoàng Cầu! 🌿Mua tại cửa hàng: Tích điểm - giảm giá theo thẻ tích điểm. 🌿Mua online: Hỗ trợ ship từ đơn hàng có giá trị 100k trở lên. ✅Liên hệ: - Mua lẻ 0919685406 hoặc 0961705906 - Mua sỉ 0977426564 ✅Website: http://cheappiewings.com/ ✅Shopee: http://shopee.vn/cheappiewingsshop ✅Địa chỉ: Số nhà C4 - cuối ngõ 61 Hoàng Cầu - Đống Đa - Hà Nội ✅Stk Vietcombank Hà Nội: 0021000297305, Hoàng Hải Anh. ✅Stk Agribank Hà Nội: 1902206403200 Hoàng Hải Anh. #jane #siêu_ít

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    • 26/04/2018
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    ⭐️ seeing stars ⭐️ photographer: @aniciabeckwith

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    • 18/12/2017
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    Common, not normal. Have you ever asked yourself - Why do I get ...(insert trending ailment)... is that normal? - I’m about to dive into a world that isn’t sexy but please know that sometimes we have to get a little ugly before we can truly shine. - Constipation. Diarrhoea (No point taking the scenic route on this one). Headaches. Bloating. Poor sleep. Low energy. Joint pain. No libido (told ya we would get sexy). Acne. Wobbly bits where you never wanted wobbly bits. These can all be things that are common but not normal. I say CAN. Please know that I am not addressing medical conditions and specific genetic traits where yes maybe that is the norm for you. - So what’s the difference? - You might be sitting and having a chat with Jane from accounting and telling her about how everything you eat just flies through you quicker than the bus from Speed (it’s a movie reference). She might say “oh that happens to me all the time, it’s fine. Totally normal”. SORRY JANE YOU’RE WRONG!! - Just because you and someone else may have similar responses to something, doesn’t mean it’s normal. These are commonalities. If you’re unsure, ask yourself this... - If my body is in a position of optimal health, would it be normal to (for example) need to run to the bathroom after every meal? Or feel bloated? Tired? - Let’s think about this. You eat. Your body needs to digest and absorb that food. Yet it’s in and out quicker than a drive thru dinner. That just wouldn’t be a normal response. - We all have issues we will encounter when common feels like normal. If you’re unsure, ask. Or do your research. Don’t just trust Jane from accounting (sorry Jane you are probably lovely). - Want to talk more about 💩? Let me know. What do you struggle with that you think might be normal? #fitness #energy #beautiful #weightlossjourney #poop #mindbodysoul #exercise #health #accounting #body #sexy #jane #weightloss #normal #notnormal #coach #poo #common #food #gym #nutrition #fatloss #happy #acne #healthy

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    • 26/04/2018
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    회사에서 배포한 책. 뭔가 밀덕들이 좋아할 듯. 한국판 제인연감이라고 막 글머리에 칭찬해놓음. 국군의 육해공 무기체계들이 전부 정리되어 있긴 한데, 무전기같은 소장비들까지 넣어서 약간 내용만 부풀린 느낌도 듬. 그리고 집속탄의 경우 현재 국군이 운용중인 무기임에도 불구하고, 인권에 위배되느니 하는 불필요한 내용을 넣어놨네... 그래도 소총부터 함정, 전투기까지 전체적으로 둘러보기는 좋은듯. 정가 35000원 네이버 할인가 #airforce #military #navy #rokmilitary #marine #weaponsystem #yearbook #밀덕 #jane #한국군무기연감 #army

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    • 26/04/2018