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    Сегодня был не мой день, точнее это был обычный выходной с походом на море. Пару месяцев назад я планировала провести его в кругу своей семьи в культурной столице Урала :). Но не сложилось. Поздравление с пожеланиями всего самого наилучшего брату отослано, десерты съедены. А это фото оставлю здесь. Снято оно ровно год назад в Мюнхене. #bnw_life #bicfp_bnw #black #bnw_of_our_world #children #childhood #child #bicfp #child_photo_competition #munich #bnwmood #blackandwhitephoto #jj_blackandwhite #germany🇩🇪 #bnw_demand #jj #bnw #bnwmagic

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    • 25/02/2018
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    || the loneliest place. || • (promise it’s not depressing) • {...Sometimes the creative place feels like the loneliest place. . You know, Lonely. That ironic moment when you're surrounded by a crowd of people but there you are_standing inside of yourself. Alone. Isolated. In the void. In the dark. You look around at everyone & everything wondering, Do they see this? Can they feel the palpable ache? Or even the ebbs of joy? And honestly, no one can really see "exactly" what you see. And so, you reach_you reach for a pen, a paintbrush, a camera. You ask yourself, How can I communicate this? How can I connect them to these feelings, this heart? . Sometimes it feels a little impossible because to do this we have to risk speaking up and showing ourselves to the world. Sometimes_ . But there are other times it feels completely doable and within reach. And from that loneliest place you are pushed out of the ironic comfort of loneliness to risk connection with other wandering, creative souls. You realize that you're not alone_Your hand reaches for the hand that reaches back. Hands that come together. Hands that feel the pulse. Hands that lift up. Hands that create something bigger and brighter than what one of you could do on your own. . And there, it is heard, “You are not alone.”}. . PS_I had to share this one in #bnwmood #jj_emotional #jj_blackandwhite #silhouettephotography #jj_forum_2176 #backlight #backlit #bnwphotography #bnwnature #weeksbest

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