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    Cuppa with mama bear while we wait to see how my car is #coffeetime #ked

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    • 18/01/2018
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    Bora galera!! Deixa ela beijar!!! Tequila pra elas!! #mrdandy #ked

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    • 18/01/2018
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    Hack Engineering Ltd(@hackengineering)

    This is what we like @👌 aemelectronics gauges providing us vital info and showing that KED is a happy engine. Final SMG niggles to sort and then we're off to #001 #oilpressure #aem #e46 #m3 #smg2 #ked #titansilver #bmw #burkhartengineering #s54b33 #koflachenginedevelopments #s54 #aemelectronics #s54b32 #hackengineering #smg #raceengine

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    • 18/01/2018
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    Automotive Passion(@automotive_passion_official)

    When the race car's fuel gauge is and you didn't realised. #kelisa #perodua #ff #racecar #ked #msfracing #ranoutoffuel

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    • 18/01/2018
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    Joseph Brack Jr.(@rae_cisum)

    Wake up. You can be replaced. How we still slaves in 2018? Prisons have more people of color than slavery ever did. Still oppressed. Liquor stores strategically zoned down the street from the schools your kids attend. Weapons of mass distractions on our televisions and phones. Government assist those that live below poverty level alone. Encourage women to be single mothers with no father present. Why not help families stay families? Together.. No??? Assassinate our voices. Limit our choices. You can go to school but you'll be paying back loans until your life change courses. Get your own. Be your own. Get a trademark. Be the root not the bark because they fall off, but roots never die. And if they interlock with other roots around them, they can grow as tall as the redwood tree and stand the test of time still climbing. But that's just a dream it seems we'll never see the promise. King went to the mountain top and we still looking up. Rather brand ourselves with devaluing rags and cosmetics and such. And who's getting rich off of all of this? Just look at the chair in the highest office and his constituits. We've come a long way on a treadmill. Still standing in one place how does that make you feel? People of color when will you wakeup? This is for the next generation. I'll just name them generation Unless.... @bep inspired these words don't care if I get likes @joe97rico @c_boutme @breezeonthekeys @reloading1 unk been a poet. #streetliving #ked #mywords

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    • 18/01/2018