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    With all these discussions about the poor algorithm if Instagram, I was curious to see what images had been the most visible last year. So here it goes. I find it actually balanced between bujo, tarot, creativity / mandala drawing, altars and all. feeling quite disappointed about Instagram lately. It's been a month or so. Maybe even more. Since they have added way more ads and way more suggestions. When I log in, I don't see what I want to see anymore. I have to search through a sea of adverts and suggestions. I miss a lot of my news. It's frustrating and sad really. The quality of sharing has really taken a toll... And I've also remarked that my followers no longer see my posts as much. Their faces don't come back as often as before, and I have less reactions than before. I'm afraid that Instagram model changing against our will, again, and that we are supposed to shut up because it's #rant #keepinstagramchronological #bestnine2017 #toomanyads

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    • 21/01/2018
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    Rishabh Yadav(@rishabh_yadav8720)

    Keep your eyes on the stars, and your feet on the #lovewhatyoudo #keepinstagramchronological #motivation

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    • 21/01/2018
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    • 21/01/2018
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    ru/eng А вы помните, для чего изначально был создан @instagram ? Не тот, который новый под влиянием фейсбука, а с полароидом, бело-синим меню и салатовыми кнопками "following". Сначала это была платформа, где люди делились фотографиями-моментами (отсюда и часть insta), которые делались в квадрат, обрабатывались первыми фильтрами инстаграма и моментально публиковались... Я прекрасно понимаю, что надо идти в ногу со временем и всеми изменениями, в данном случае Инстаграма. Но когда я вижу фальшивые улыбки, миллион рекламных постов (а их должно быть у блогеров не больше 4-5 в месяц, на секундочку!), то разочаровываюсь в Новом Инстаграме, как и в его обновлениях ). Кто тут помнит, когда у каждого профиля была карта вместо фаворитов? И какой инстаграм вам нравится больше? Минимализм, конечно, круто, но вот я скучаю по старому родному💔 P. S. Помните об изначальных целях Инстаграма, и творите, делитесь, знакомьтесь, узнавайте :) . Do you remember what @instagram was originally created for? Not the one that is under the influence of facebook, but with the polaroid, the white-blue menu and the light-green buttons "following." At first it was a platform where people shared photos-moments (that's where the part 'insta' came from), which were made in squares, edited with the first filters of Instagram and instantly published... I understand that we have to keep pace with the times and all the changes, in this case, Instagram. But when I see false smiles, a million advertising posts (any bloger should have no more than 4-5 per a month, for a second!), That's why I'm disappointed in the new Instagram as in its updates Who remembers when every profile had the map instead of favorites? And which instagram do you like more? Minimalism, of course, is cool, but l I miss my old one💔 P. S. Remember the original goal of Instagram – create, share, make friends and discover :) 🎶hillsong united - so will i (100 billion x) #keepinstagramchronological

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    • 20/01/2018