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    ¡Seguimos de y queremos celebrarlo con todo el mundo! 🎉🌈 . . - Si ya tienes un plan y vives KO&Soul al mango, asegúrate tu plan para que nunca lo dejes y vivas con nosotros forever <3 (Activa tu plan cuando quieras). - Si viniste y lo dejaste por el verano, la juerga, la chamba, los viajes o cualquier excusa, esta es tu oportunidad para retomar esta fuerza. - Si NUNCA has probado lo que es entrenar mente y cuerpo para ser feliz, ven a probar y aprovecha esta mega y al link en la bio y no te quedes sin tu Black! #estumomento #celebration #iliveko #planesilimitados #ko #soulyoga #ilivesoulyoga #ilimitado #blackweek #blackweekparty #party #felizcumpleale #trainforhappiness

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    • 23/03/2018
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    Guess what? Easter is coming. EASTER! Try saying that with the same level of excitement that Buddy the Elf talks about Santa. 😉😄 . The other day one of my friends said something that really made me think. We were talking about Easter and she said, “Easter’s a big deal in our house. We make a big deal about Christmas, why don’t we make a big deal about Easter?” She’s right! Easter is IT. Easter is the hinge pin of our faith. If Jesus didn’t rise from the dead, our hope is in vain. . But He DID. . You guys. Jesus rose from the DEAD. He rose from the dead AFTER He shed every last drop of blood. For you. For me. The King of kings allowed His own creation to savagely beat Him, mock Him, and maim Him for our sins, for our transgressions, for our healing, for our freedom, for a relationship with Him. Those promises became yes and amen when after three days Jesus Christ rolled back the stone and walked out of the tomb holding the keys to death and the grave. Friends, the tomb is EMPTY. He’s ALIVE! . THAT is a reason to celebrate! HE is the reason to celebrate! Don’t let this Easter season pass without letting the excitement and joy of what it actually means fill you. Read the story and then read it again! Tell your kids, tell your friends, tell the neighbors, Jesus Christ is RISEN! 🌅📣😁🙌🏼 (there just aren’t enough Jesus-rose-from-the-grave-emojis 😜) #ko

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    • 22/03/2018
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    MMA Netherlands 🇳🇱(@mmanetherlands)

    Rafael dos Anjos vs. Colby Covington for the interim WW title reportedly set for UFC 224 (May 12) in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil. (Via @thefightbusiness )... @rdosanjosmma @colbycovmma Who you got #ufc224 #colbycovington #rafaeldosanjos #riodejaneiro

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    • 23/03/2018
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    Teezee Plays(@teezeeplays)

    When you try to avenge your buddy but all you have is grenades.. #funny #xboxone #teezeeplays #gamergirl #ko #fortnite

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    • 23/03/2018