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    ♥️Karvakatalan Hailey & Sinisimpukan Hilda♥️ Tähän ei jää kaikki tämän päivän #katalonianpaimenkoira #canonphotography #koirakuvaus #canon #winterwonderland #youngphotographer #koirakuvaajat #karvakatalan

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    • 24/02/2018
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    Maria + Yoda(@mariavanonen)

    Helsinki is soaking in the Sun today and I don't mind the rays hitting our home all day long. I'm laying on the floor listening a book and scrolling through some photos on my camera while Yoda is sunbathing across the room... Just when I'm about to snap a photo of her Henri walks in and she turns her head and nods to him as if she's telling him to join her and so he does.

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    • 24/02/2018