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    झाल्यात पोरी @😆😂😆😡 jhakaaskatta🔥🔥 jhakaaskatta🔥🔥 jhakaaskatta🔥🔥 . ⭕️पोस्ट श्रेय - @jhakaaskatta 🔥🔥 ⭕️पेज चे @संचालक-ll.___sai___.ll🎈🎈 . . . . 🔥🔥🔥ll झक्कास कट्टा ll🔥🔥🔥 🔥🔥🔥ll झक्कास कट्टा ll🔥🔥🔥 🔥🔥🔥ll झक्कास कट्टा . 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻झक्कास कट्टा🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 #cricket #marathi_memes_and_trolls #pune #india #akole #insta #ghantayar #nashik #marathimulgi #marathifun #marathimeme #amhimarathi #marathigirl #maharashtra #dhoni #ड #marathiboy #marathiquote #mumbai #mimarathi #jaymaharashtra #इथ #marathi_ig #marathijokes #ट #jhakaaskatta #marathipost

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    • 21/03/2018
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    Pawan Shridhar Jadhav(@pawan.s.jadhav.9)

    farmer who destroyed his crop gets help from Chavan, in a fit of rage, destroyed his crops over meagre returns.The video of Chavan destroying his crops had gone viral.After video, Shiv Sena offered Chavan a cheque of one lakh rupees. Premsingh Lakhiram Chavan, whose video of destroying his crops in a fit of rage had gone viral, has received a helping hand from the Shiv Sena. Shiv Sena Party President ji after seeing the video, offered Chavan a cheque of one lakh rupees. Chavan who hails from Pohegaon village in Maharashtra, was very upset when he got paltry returns on his crops- cauliflower and tomatoes. After the initial investment on the crop, all Chavan got was a meagre amount of Rs.440. Anguished Premsingh then went on to destroy his crop. The act was filmed by his friend and the video went viral thereafter. After the video, Shiv Sena President Uddhav Thackeray invited Chavan to meet him at his Bandra residence. Minister of State for animal husbandry Arjun Khotkar told media, "It was indeed very sad to see a farmer doing this to his crops which he had grown with his blood and sweat. Our party Chief Uddhav Thackeray has handed him with a cheque of one lakh rupees. And, we will also try to help him through state govt." Recalling the incidence Chavan said, "Whatever I did was out of sheer anger, the fact that I got meagre returns on my crops. I was so frustrated that had there been any pesticide lying around, I would have to consume it and ended my life. Chavan said that though he was happy with the help, he feels that the govt should do more for the farmers so that they don't face any such situation in the #uddhav #thackeray #aadityathackeray #shivsenafordevelopment #shivsena #shivsenaformaharashtra #repost #shivsenaforfarmers #maharashtra

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    • 21/03/2018
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    🌈 Good Vibes and High Fives ☮️(@peter_2_meter)

    Get your binoculars ready people! Because this will be something to look forward to, in my opinion. A month ago I’ve visited one a the many slums of Mumbai, and during that visit I was really inspired by the people who lived there, and impressed by the way they welcomed me. The life in Indian slums has not been hidden but nevertheless I wanted to have a first hand experience as to what real life is like in a slum area. For that reason i’m going to do an intercultural art project with the talented @amateurphotoclicker who lives in Mumbai, and has a great eye for situations! “A day in the life of a Mumbai slum” will be a visual journey, where you will see the conditions and meet the people, we invite you to come along. A real view into a day in the life of the people who live here, and showing the world that this is also 🇮🇳 India. 📷 credit: @amateurphotoclicker #art #india #life #slum #workinprogress #adayinthelife #storytelling #reallife #interview #maharashtra #mumbai #project #travel #people #backpacking #photography #comingsoon

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    • 21/03/2018