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    So schön gesungen Matty❤ We love you❤ Schon jz für uns die Gewinnerin❤ ו••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••× ~ ~ #mattycrew #dsds #welovematty #mattyarmy #mattydsds

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    • 17/03/2018
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    @matty___moore musical.ly bety6550 a moorematty #bff #dejtefollow #mattyarmy #bettyarmy

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    • 10/01/2018
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    Königswinter '17 #mattyarmy

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    • 11/09/2017
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    ❤️ #mattyarmy

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    • 10/09/2017
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    Gedankenlosigkeit, die uns den Wert des Augenblicks vergessen lässt.🤝. #mattyarmy

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    • 03/08/2017
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    so on Friday a boy named Maddie army committed suicide. and all week we're making this week for him. tomorrow I want to see that all of my followers have drawn and posted a rainbow on their account because he was bisexual. and the next day is anti bully day you have to make one new friend. on Friday we sing for him and I promise you that I will upload a video of me singing a cover of one of my favorite songs for him on Friday on my YouTube channel. I'll be checking your account because he was a beautiful boy. he did not need to die this way so could you please it mean a lot to me if you would just join with me. #perfect #mattyarmy #boy

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    • 01/10/2013