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    Malou Karberg Simonsen(@maloukarberg7)

    ❄️Tips/genbrug 🐧fuglefoder lanterne .. Nu blir det rigtig koldt så HUSK på fuglene.. smid derfor ikke lanterner ud der evt er gået i stykker eller fjern glas siderne .. flet grene rundt i bunden ( her birkegrene lette at flette) så falder æbler, mejsekugler /frø ikke ned på jorden .. og Wupti 💫så har du et gratis nemt fuglefodderbræt..god fornøjelse #easy #recycle #stylingtip #birdfeeder #naturegirl #donotthrowout #now #takecareofthebirds #ore #removetheglasses #lanternelamp

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    • 23/02/2018
    @Anita Chaudhuri @anitachaudhuri instagram profile

    Anita Chaudhuri(@anitachaudhuri)

    So this week saw the end of my adventures in It has certainly been an interesting experiment. The course raised some compelling questions. Are the photos we take changed by our relationship to the subject? If I hurriedly snap a flower and move on, as opposed to studying the flower for 15 minutes and then taking the shot, does it make a difference? I would answer a resounding yes. The more you look, the more you see. We were limited to taking only six photos on our hour-long visits to Lincoln’s Inn. In freezing weather to be honest this sometimes felt like 10 hours 😂. Anyway, I would highly recommend giving this approach a try. If nothing else you will spend way less time on photo editing afterwards. That’s got to be a good thing, right? Happy Friday! #mindfulphotography #lincolnsinnfields

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    • 23/02/2018