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    “In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act." - George Orwell

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    • 24/02/2018
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    Sunset views from the Brooklyn Bridge. One of my new favorite things to do in NYC! What is your favorite thing to do in the #sunset_hub #newyorklife #traveladdict #sunsetsky #traveltips #sunsets #traveltip #newyorktimes #newyorkers #travelblogger #newyork_instagram #brooklynbridge #newyork_ig #travelguide #newyorknewyork #sunset_ig

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    • 24/02/2018
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    The Plaza hotel is Manhattan. It’s where the minds of millions of people worldwide go to when the words “luxury” and “New York” combine. This post is about the second, world famous Plaza. The original was demolished in 1904 and the present structure built in its place. Now the Plaza was built to be THE luxurious crown jewel in a string of luxury hotels that dotted Manhattan. The Plaza, designed by Henry Hardenbergh, was built in a French Renaissance style meant to evoke the images of Grand chateaus. Gorgeous setbacks and ornate lines dominate the facade, and its arched roof is one of the sights to see. The entire structure has a decent footprint made more eclectic by recent projects around it. This revival of the design made the Plaza stand out among its home in Grand Army Plaza. Through its various incarnations and renovations its remained with its chateau face, withstanding in the face of a changing city where others have fallen to the wreckers ball. Inside, if you can get in, is equally luxurious. The Oak Room, Palm Promenade, and lobby are the sights of imagination. Today, it’s a condo-hotel split, but the spirit and image still remain. The hotel changed many hands throughout its history, eventually landing on the lap of Donald Trump in the winter of 1988. Trump converted the hotel into what is today (if you’ve ever wondered why the man appears in “Home Alone 2”, this is why) before selling it to ta present owners, a group from India. But enough about the business side. The Plaza is one of the few locations in the city that still evokes a magical sense, even for us native New Yorkers. It’s grand, opulent, historical, classic. Many memories and events have been witnessed at these walls and those steps. Forever a staple of popular culture (hi Eloise!), if you come to New York and not stop by this block your trip was incomplete. Instagram limits me to a few thoughts, but I can go on all night about The Plaza. So much to say about this, the last magical place left in Manhattan. Taken on February 19, 2018 on a Canon #fifthavenue #manhattan #cityphotography #frenchrenaissance #urbanphotography #architecture #newyork #urbanromantix #architecturephotography #canonphotography #urbanandstreet #centralpark #nycphotographer #newyork_instagram #fatalframes #newyorkcity #nyc_explorers #instagramnyc #nycphotography #newyork_ig #ig_nycity #nycprimeshot #thecreatorclass #ig_worldclub #igersofnyc #theplazahotel #teamcanon

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    • 24/02/2018