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    I don’t get this but our hip, young intern said it would be 🔥.

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    • 20/03/2018
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    Cindoria🥀W 18(@cindoria)


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    • 20/03/2018
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    Jeffrey Anderson(@jeffreywanderson9)

    “It may be that our cosmic curiosity... is a genetically-encoded force that we illuminate when we look up and wonder.” - Neil deGrasse Tyson The field is illuminated by what looked like hundreds of red lights coming from the windmills to my left. It was a new moon, so the absence of moonlight and light pollution made for one hell of a show. #astrophotography #pnw #cascadiaexplored #rei1440project #pnwonderland #oregonexplored #upperleftusa

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    • 20/03/2018
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    FIfi tiSH ROsal bisnAR(@fishroar)

    DAY 164 | sum useless stuff u dont have to read: throwback to when we were still stressing over research and all that. tbh it took us a while to get our topic approved, it was sad regretting our topic bc our experiment was hard to do when we could’ve chosen an easier one, and having to try to simulate an ACTUAL CLASSROOM SETTING wt us bein teachers and making our own tests just to get data results 😭 but mehn it was worth it and it all worked out well. top 1 for teachers and top 3 for audience yehey we groupmates in everythin and dis bunch of 3 girls love each other. last full acad day.

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    • 20/03/2018
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    When North Light meets Dubai City😂😂😂 .... Do check out my friends ig page tagged in The image

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    • 20/03/2018