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    β€œAllowing Love to Flow through you: There is a vast of within you. It is never-ending and will last for ever. Sometimes we believe that there is a limit to love, so we only mete it out a bit at a time. Sometimes we put conditions on it. We say, ”That person deserves a little bit of my love and that person deserves a lot.” The Universe is filled with love, but we measure the amount and kind of love we give as if it was scarce and had to be conserved. There is no limit to love. The more you give, the more you have: this is a universal law. The truth is that you are not separate from the world around you, and the only person or thing you ever really love is your greater in other forms. Love deeply and fully; instead of being the giver or receiver of Love, become Love itself. Say over and over, β€œ I love who I am; I love what I am; I love what I’m doing; I am love,” until the of it bores it’s way into your deep will then fill your life. When you are happy, you become a force that powerfully heals the planet. If you want to help the world, be happy. Pleasure your senses. Be and glorious. Taste, touch, smell, gear, and your yourself exactly as you are and radiance will flow through you to the world.” - Denise Lynn- and Secrets-The Glory and Pleasure of Being a Music ) W @thegr8khalid @normanikordei #self #love #radiance #accept #subconscious #woman #wellspring #sensual #juicy #khalid #explore #healing #truth #mysteries #lovelies #normanikordei

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    • 20/04/2018