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    Aztec Photography(@aztecphoto)

    Beauty comes from within! In Frame: @kimberly_texta

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    • 23/03/2018
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    A S H A(@helhsa)

    💥💥💥💥💥 •• Model: @iameilyn

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    • 23/03/2018
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    23/03/18 Couldn't figure out how to post 2 photos in one post while tagging everyone i usually tag. It just wont let me post it. So i guess i'm not gonna do that. I'll be posting the before and afters in my story as usual for whoever's curious. But i'm more than happy to share my locations and editing process if anyone wants to know. I wanna thank @windydjong for coming out all the way to the shoot and bearing with my weird directions ✌️ she took it like a pro. You will definitely be seeing more of her in my future content and my goal of reaching 1k followers this year 😭 👧: @windydjong MUA: @rejillinbeautyhuis #portraitsnyc #skyhighvibe #featurepalette #lensofourlives #portraitpage #photography #moodyfilm #fadedspirits #makeportraits #internetportraits #preset #earth_portraits #moodygrams #quietthechaos #portraits_mf #portrait #artofvisuals #moodyports #portraitmood #bravogreatphoto #portrait_vision #pfunder10k #imprintagram #thefilmcommunity #moody #folkportraits #portraitvisuals #pursuitofportraits

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    • 23/03/2018
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    K Y L I E :)(@yourfriendkylie)

    im really bad at captions but this is a cute pic :) so ill just share my bad week so far; did bad on my spanish and world test, was drug tested, parents took away phone, and had a headache for three hrs. but good news! i hung with my bff at lunch so that was ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ @thevisualvogue ~ @teenscreate #ftmeof #bleachmyfilm #skyhighvibe #mpscreatives #portraitpage #featuremyworld #portraitsofinterest #portraitkiller #of2humans #featuremeseas #777luckyfish #thevisualvogue #teenscreate #featurehighlight #smallfeature #quietthechaos #inspireangelo

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    • 23/03/2018
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    Cesar | Portrait & Urbanscapes(@socrisp_)

    Till the day I die 💯 In Frame: Me Shot by: @lizzy.ily

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    • 23/03/2018
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    Gomi | Los Angeles🌈(@gomi_show)

    hi, yes, i’ve been in new york for three days now. it’s great here. i try not to talk about my family too much on the internet, but even so i really just don’t talk about my dad enough. a quick mental math got me to the result that i’ve basically only spent about 3-year worth of time with my dad so far. 3 years in my now, almost-19-years worth of life. ever since i was about 3, he’s been working in a different city from the one we live in. and if that was not bad enough, i moved to cali when i was 13 with my mom. it’s weird to contrast the amount of time i got to spend with mom and the time i has with dad. it sounds a bit nonsense. he’s the other person who’s been there for me since the beginning. i talk to him everyday. but i only got a total of 3 years of collective memories with him so far. that is crazy and crazily sad. the first day we got to new york, we played jenga in a café in dumbo. yesterday, we went out during the ~storm~ and found out about the fearless girl statue. i’ve never been on a trip alone with my dad, and this is a long one. we’re not even half the way with the trip yet, but there were just a lot of pop up situations when you only have a mere plan. little moments like these though, i genuinely never expected and they kinda felt like dreams to me. yet i feel like for once in my life, i’m more present than ever. perhaps it’s also because this is the first time i’ve been to another state, or the fact that everyday here there are so many “first” happening. i don’t know though. being away from everything i’m familiar of, and being able to be here with with one out of the two people i love the most, is great. everything is great right now.

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    • 23/03/2018
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    evelyn bernard photography(@abstractquality)


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    • 23/03/2018
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    Anika Mittal(@anikamittalphoto)

    And the stars exploding we'll be fireproof 🔮💫 Swipe right for more 👑

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    • 23/03/2018