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    Fun Sunday Morning sesh at Old Man’s. The camaraderie and general good vibes here more than make up for the soft waves. #classic #partywaves #socalsurf #alamosca

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    • 22/04/2018
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    📞We need our community to quickly take action this Monday. Recycling is usually a good thing but Assembly Bill (AB) 2921 is an industry sponsored polystyrene recycling bill that is not designed to reduce plastic litter that we see on the beach and in the ocean. 📞📞📞Please call Assembly member Al Muratsuchi's office at (916) 319-2066 to say "please vote no on AB 2921 because we need source reductions to curb polystyrene plastic pollution, not an ineffective recycling program." Please encourage everyone to call and let's show the amount of people who care. This bill was designed to distract the the attention from the community's work to ban polystyrene. For more info check the link in our bio and tag your friends! #togetherwecan

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    • 16/04/2018
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    So happy to compete with the ladies from the Coalitions of Surf Clubs once more. Not the result I had hoped for but feeling grateful that I feel well and have the surf stole back!!! #surfcomp #ulcerativecolitiswarrior #surfcontest #ibdwarriorprincess #socalsurf #ibdwarrior #ulcerativecolitisawareness

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    • 15/04/2018
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    💜 A.K.A. paradise 💛 Much love to the beautiful @mi_froggie for being one of them 💙 #calibaja #bajasurf #surferbabe #calibajalife #socalsurf

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    • 14/04/2018
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    to the old board. Happy birthday @surfwithstrand, May God give you strength to carry on his will, and his courage to fight on! ✌️ #birthdaypost #feartofaith #tbthursday #pc #socalsurf

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    • 13/04/2018