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    Used to be @lalissa_paul(@multi.adore)

    PROFILE PICTURE CONTEST!! You send us an icon and we choose our favourite make it our profile picture for the following week. We also post it on our account and give you a shout out on that post and in our highlights for the week that it is our profile picture(we will keep the actual post on our account for a long time). Post it on your account with the hashtag and dm it to us. Tag two friends in your post Rules -must be following me, @finnxstrangerxwolfhard and @iconic_idols -must be an icon(meaning not just a photo) -also must be of one of the following people: ·Shane Dawson or anyone from his friend group. ·Anyone from the vlog squad ·Logan Paul ·Alissa Violet ·Sommer Ray ·Chantel Jeffries ·Anyone from Stanger Things ·Anyone from IT ·Alyssa Or James from Its the end of the F***king world GOOD LUCK Watch nobody enter #itstheendofthef #alissaviolet #vlogsquad #strangerthings #chanteljeffries #sommerray #pfpcontest #it #loganpaul #multiadorepfpcontest #shanedawson

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    • 24/01/2018
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    I love her sm cause she is such an unproblematic queen 💜👑 • Tag @her? • sommerray @sommerray2 #drawing #cloutgang #youtuber #outline #cloutgangedits #sommerray #queen

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