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    • 22/01/2018
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    Simpsons-inspired portraits' ‼️ Artist Valerie Zaremska created this lovely series of cartoon-themed portraits. Each image transforms everyday people into characters from the iconic cartoon series The Simpsons. Valerie creates unique and original pieces of artwork, which reflect each person she meets. She recreates characteristics and details of the people she draws, which ensures the portraits are not reflective of existing characters from The Simpsons Her cartoon-themed portraits can be obtained via her online Etsy shop. customers are able to send in their own images and have the artist draw them as an iconic Simpson-styled cartoon https://www.etsy.com/shop/SimpsArt link in my bio ‼️

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    • 22/01/2018
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    Bright Backpacks(@bright_backpacks)

    Love the mountains ⛰ Photo by @marcograssiphotography

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