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    Our dear fur baby - we got a year more with you than we ever expected. Nearly lost to an unknown immune condition, you spent the last 17 months full of life and vigour. Happier and healthier than we'd ever seen you. Shiny fur. Running full speed. I will forever hear your happy yelp when driving around the farm, and see your scared eyes during a thunderstorm. Your snow covered fur and dirty snout, always looking innocent. I don't know if I will never know another dog who insisted on having us catch him. We may never understand why you had to leave us so soon - but We know you lived a great life. A happy life. You explored and adventured to your hearts content. To our furry friend - to yours - you meant the world. You're family. Thank you for blessing us as your family and for loving us unconditionally. :: :: :: 🐢 #thejag #csoffarm #thecutestmutt #farmdog #furrybaby #jaegermeister #onthefarm #family #memories

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    • 19/09/2017
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    I'm trying to work out and she's trying to play πŸ™„πŸ˜‚ #blacklabpuppy #emmathelab #thecutestmutt #playfulpuppy #labsofinstagram #shewantsattention #rescuepuppy

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    • 19/06/2017