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    I am often asked what do I gain by travelling alone, and I would always smile and pass the question for it’s an answer that can’t be contained in a few words. I can’t explain the immense happiness I feel to be the unknown guy midst strangers, travelling towards a common destination in a bus on a dark, starry night, the joy of being unknown, the joy being completely free of all judgements in those moments, and the freedom to be immersed in your own thoughts. And how to explain the joy that my fickle mind experiences on a solo journey, where I am under no obligation to travel upon a planned route, I often change my directions, I often change my cities and towns, landing at where I wasn’t planning to be at while ditching the cities I was supposed to be when the day began. It’s those small joys of unexpected turns, unexpected friendships, the people who come closer for the night before leaving on their respective journeys the next morning leaving behind nothing but memories for you. I rarely buy gifts and momentos during my trips, but my bags always feel fuller at the end of those journeys. For always return with new stories, new friendships, insane experiences and so many unplanned memories. However, while these are the things I can readily explain to them, but how will I ever be able to explain those moments to others when I feel detached to every thing, every being for a fleeting moment and find myself immersing in the nothingness of it all, losing identity, my ego and just becoming a part of the whole. I think that particular moment trumps every other reason regarding why I travel solo. . Musandam #smile #instagram #travel #mystory #photooftheday #travelpic #tripgram #travelmakesyouricher #follow #wanderlust #travelguy #travelforlife #instaday #friendships #traveling #stories #happiness #lifeofadog #favoritepicture #joy #love #solotravel

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    • 22/02/2018
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    "I just want to be free someday."

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    • 22/02/2018