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    Bobby Roy(@thecanonfanboy)

    Ever since I was a kid, I always loved cars & motorcycles. There was just something about these beautiful & elegant 'objects' that made me fall in love with them each day. Ofcourse, the professional bit happened quite later in my life. And initially, I had no idea how to drive a car! So, I became highly interested in photographing them, instead. You see, I feel, people photograph whatever it is they want to have a relationship with, whether it’s girls or cars or sports or whatever. Quite often, photography is the only thing that gets you access to the stuff you’d like to be close to. A lot of people in my circle back then wanted to shoot fashion, pretty girls and what not while I looked at cars & bikes in a different light altogether, literally & figuratively! It was love at first sight and I understood back then that this would turn out to be the love of my life... 🤗❣️💕

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    • 23/01/2018
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    İŞIĞA DOĞRU(@instamazlum)

    Mən həyatı zamanı qalmamış kimi qorxuyla yaşayırdım. O isə sanki sonsuzmuş kimi ertəliyərək. Fotoqraf sahibi @👑_kenannihatelci_ 🚩Selection @of👤khasibal 🚩We welcome your like. & comments 📃 🚩Daha maraqlısı üçün səhifəni izləyin 👇 Follow: @instamazlum Tag: #instamazlum

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    • 23/01/2018
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    Devashish Shah(@travel_0_graphy)

    Peth gaon , on the way to Junnar. On our way to Shivneri fort , we took this village route instead of going from narayangaon , but the air that we experienced on this route was much more soothing and refreshing than the highways. We came across this small pond enroute and took our time to enjoy the view #igers_maharashtra #captured_insta #theindianphotographs #mypixeldiary #jay_jay_maharashtra_maza #indiatravelgram #storiesofindia #being_maharashtrian #jayostute_maharashtra #maharashtra_clickers #travelbugindia #photo_pond #pomh #best_pics_hub #amazing_maharashtra_ #indian_pixel_diary #ig_maharashtradesha #incredible_maharashtrian #insta_maharashtra #maharashtra_desha #travelrealindia #raigad_ig #myindianframe #be_a_photonic #maharashtrian_treasures #maharashtra_ig #streetsofmaharashtra #ig_worldclub

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    • 23/01/2018