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    Every year on April 24th, Armenians, Assyrians and Greeks march to bring awareness to a genocide that took place in 1915 by The Young Turks of the Ottoman Empire that took out nearly 3,000,000 innocent people. This event has been recognized by 29 nations such as Germany, Russia, Italy, Canada, France and many other countries as a “genocide”, but America hasn’t yet been added to this list. In this 5 minute video, I address President @realdonaldtrump as well as the Armenian, Assyrian and Greek community on a strategy to help finally recognize this day as a Genocide. Click the link in my profile to watch the entire 5 min video and tag anyone who would be willing to bring awareness to this message. Thanks to everyone who helps bring awareness. Much ❤️ to you. #theyoungturks #patrickbetdavid #armenia #assyria #protest #assyrian #hayastan #armeniangenocide #awareness #whitehouse #yerevan #assyriangenocide #potus #turkey #armenian

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    • 25/04/2018