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    J A Z - F I T(@jazcorrell)

    DELOAD WEEK! A very sweaty post training current check in photo. I’m sitting a bit heavier this week (in a good way) thanks to all of the carbs and my intense program by @nmadder that I have been following this month. This week has been a deload week for me so that I can come back stronger next week 💪🏽 When done correctly, a deload should have you come back with more energy, stronger and ensure long term success👊🏽 ———————— Coaching available! Contact me or @madstrengthtraining now to find out about our close contact coaching packages. Note: there is a lot of contact with this option so it’s not for anyone who doesn’t like the sound of my voice😂

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    • 21/01/2018
    @Lana @happybefit.lana instagram profile


    We're just gonna crop the rest of my face because I look like I might be constipated or something from flexing too hard lmao 😂 but even though I'm kinda far away from really getting some super definition on my abs, it's super nice to see those fish-gill abs. Just means I have low % of fat by ribs. But hey not complaining, I love the the look of it haha. Today was backs and biceps- tomorrow is legssss - say a prayer for me please. #fitness #fitfam #progress #bicepworkout #helloabs #fitnessmotivation #washboardabs #fitnessgirl #letsgetsweaty #homeworkout #underarmour #backday

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    • 21/01/2018
    @Megan Monèt (nickname:Flash⚡️) @meggy_longlegz instagram profile

    Megan Monèt (nickname:Flash⚡️)(@meggy_longlegz)

    Shoulda Saturday! 😂 (I just made that up 💁🏾‍♀️) when you’ve been “sticks and bones” all your life but consistency and hard work started to take over 😳🍗💪🏾 i literally see pics like me on the left and be so shocked— never noticed my arms were that tiny lol man it’s so possible to GROWWWW 😩💪🏾

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    • 21/01/2018
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    my pig-aunt got married today and i just wanted the ladies to know that me, and all of my chins are single #nom #eligiblebachelor #washboardabs

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    • 21/01/2018