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    @Chantelle Coleman @chantellecoleman instagram profile

    Chantelle Coleman(@chantellecoleman)

    And the adventure begins 🌊🏕

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    • 14/02/2018
    @Wedding• Elopement•Photography @saracarlsonphotography instagram profile

    Wedding• Elopement•Photography(@saracarlsonphotography)

    Woke up to lots of snow here in Washington this morning. What’s the weather doing back in Idaho or where your at?

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    • 18/02/2018
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    S H E Y(@sheyg_fitlife)

    Depression sucks. - I’m proud to talk about how far I’ve come and how much I’ve grown the past year and even the past few months. The truth though is that life isn’t perfect and even when I feel like I’m better, I still have bad days and weeks. - I just posted about how life is going so great and I’m happy with the direction my life is going. A couple days later, I went into hiding because depression hit me hard. I questioned why I was sleeping 90% of my day away when I already knew the answer. I let messages go unanswered and spent one meal eating almost nothing and then the next eating everything in sight. - Here’s the thing... today I didn’t want to get out of bed, and only did because I knew I had stuff to get done. The more I put myself into my job and people I work with, the more I pulled myself out of the fog I was in. I’m not perfect, far from it actually, and no one on my team of girls is perfect either but the thing is that they’re all HERE for me. As grateful as I am to have a job that allows me to take a little mental breather when I need to, I’m even more grateful for the people it’s surrounded me with that let me rant my feelings but also support me to pick up the pieces and push to be better.

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    • 18/02/2018
    @J. C. @3rd_street_studio_washington instagram profile

    J. C.(@3rd_street_studio_washington)

    The best time in years right here. Sitting on this sunny beach with my fantastic wife of 30 years, listening to a rare recording of Louis Armstrong on the portable record player she gave me for Christmas. #relaxing #anniversary #louisarmstrong #sunnyday #ilovemywife #photography #pnw #personelshopper #loveofmylife #vacation #pacificocean #washingtonstate #recordplayer #styleconsultant #bestdays #washingtoncoast #jazz #longbeachwashington

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    • 18/02/2018