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    please read 💙✨ (if i GET 75 COMMENTS SAYING YES, I’ll come bac) hey guys, do you think I should return to this acc tbh I miss it a lot and I think it was a mistake deactivating, Ik I lost her follow everything but I’m here to support loren & I’m not here just for her follow and I will be just as happy running this acc off of pure love and support xx

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    • 22/01/2018
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    lmao goodmorning i don’t wanna go to school @today... - loren

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    • 22/01/2018
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    and it wasn’t the anyone that left their weston accs/switched/tbh everyone lmao BITCH IM EDITING RIVER NEXT HA i love river damn #wes10 #westonkoury

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    • 22/01/2018
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    sorry for my inactivity the past couple of days, my dad is sick. like, really sick. we don’t know exactly what’s wrong yet but if you could please pray for him (if you’re religious) i’d really appreciate that. thank u

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    • 22/01/2018
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    nicole ;)(@kourysjmb)

    ok repost again bc i decided to use @kourysjmb since it is the same as my twitter @ and sorry for being annoying and reposting this again lyrics: roses by shawn #wes10 #joeybirlem #westonkoury

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    • 22/01/2018
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    oh honey buns this is barnacles my hand moved and i meant it’s a good dog not bad boy😩💞😆😁😋😂😩💞❤️😘😢😘 so sorry for my causes @wes10 #westonkoury

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    • 22/01/2018