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    Been having a rat problem this summer - worse than we've ever had. Suspect the lack of water brings them in, plus the chicken food. Even having a treadle feeder in our chook house hasn't helped - the bigger rats stand on the treadle so it opens and the other rats just help themselves. grrr. We've had to resort back to a hanging feeder outside the chook house so the rats can't climb down the rope. Evenso, they can still jump upwards and grab hold of it :-( Anyway, we've resorted to putting only a days' worth of food in the feeder each day and empty it out later afternoon onto the ground so our chickens can get it before the rats come in for the evening. End result is they're now foraging in other places of our garden and the kookas are finding them! Good thing too. Glad we haven't resorted to bait - not good for predatory birds if they find the rats. I heard this one squealing as the kookaburra flew into a nearby gumtree to enjoy its meal.

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    • 18/02/2018