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    At first glance this sunrise looks amazing. Perfect orange, beautiful and even has some boats in the water. What you don’t see is the smog that’s creating this look. It was so thick that day. At that time I didn’t think anything about it - I took a pretty photo and moved on. ✨ Fast forward a year and a half and I have changed my lifestyle to help keep this planet beautiful for as long as I can. I know my traveling increases my carbon footprint so to cut down I rarely eat red meat. I also never have sheets changed in a hotel, rarely have towels replaced, keep the trash for the duration of my stay so that they don’t keep replacing the plastic bags, minimize straw usage, recycle every possible thing I can - and I don’t litter. ✨ Have you seen how dirty the beaches in Bali can get from trash? How about all the shit that’s being thrown in the ocean where our marine life lives? WE CAN DO BETTER! We will not be able to experience just how marvelous this world is if we keep destroying it. ✨ You may think you are only one person and that you don’t have an impact but I assure you, you do! Imagine if all the people Who thought the same way made some change big or small.. the outcome would be monumental. So let’s start with us and protect this world we have 💕

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    • 23/04/2018
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    in case you missed the memo 🏳️‍🌈✨

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